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Sit back, deep breath and relax


No – that’s not the sound of an annoying bluebottle but the sound of me meditating. I’m feeling nice and relaxed now, having just recorded a series of tracks for a French client, to be used on a new guided meditation app which is launching later in the year.

This is a first for me, as quite often with commercial reads I am fighting against the clock. Some scripts are just too wordy, where the copywriter is attempting to cram too much in against the clock, or battling with a 10,000 word e-learning video script. Whilst I enjoy being vocally challenged with the more complex reads, this job came as a pleasant and welcome change of pace with oceans of space around my words. I just hope that the engineer hasn’t fallen asleep before he gets to the end of the edit!

Oh, wait just one minute, I think I can hear my two daughters squabbling. Ah well, that visit to Xanadu didn’t last very long did it now.

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